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Our Core Values.

Belief, determination, great people and great opportunities are the strength and integrity of our principles that make us who we are today. Great things have been, and will continue to be achieved through our core values of :

Developing Positive Cultures
We believe that love is at the heart of lives. Love opens the door of endless opportunities in turning positive ideas into positive cultures. Love inspires family, friends, partners, clients and brand ideas that create a world full of dreams and overflowing opportunities.

Nuturing Right People
Every proceless diamond is first a rock. Likewise, we polish raw personas into brilliant talents to grow our family team, businesses and brands. Gradually, we cultivate the right people who will grow the industry and the nation beyond our borders to the rest of the world.

Identifying Right Partners
Who are they? Branding partners and investors with integrity. We build lasting branding partnerships with clients and vendors who are ethical in their products, services, people and company dealings. We wouldn't compromise for less. To us, the right investment partners understand that money isn't everything. Instead, the common objective of improving ourselves and others keeps our joint venture brandships going strong.

Turning Waterbay into Global Brands
So who doesnt want to be famous? We will help dental manufacturer differentiate, build and focus their product brands to become the preffered brands, garnering profitable Return On Investment ( ROI ). We are setting the standards and raising the stakes of turning dental brands intoreowned brands in Malaysia.

Preparing the Next Generation
We are grooming and coaching a promising younger generation full of drive, passion and energy to become visionary leaders of a better future. By shaping their thoughts and actions into better creative, analytical and knowledge-seeking individuals, we are also preparing them to shoulder their responsibility for a better nation. Together, we can make it a better One Malaysia. For all.

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Please get in touch with us for additional information about Waterbay and our services. We're based in No 3, Lintang Selat, Taman Selat, 12000 Butterworth, Penang. You can also call us at +604 323 4858.